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Being the fastest runner is great.
But knowing where to run is critical.

It’s all about asking the right questions

And asking them early on.

Many entrepreneurs want to move quickly and take important decisions before seeking advice from outside. However, these early decisions lay the foundations and determine a company’s success. While we certainly expect you to have a clear vision of your business or project, we can bring a fresh and unbiased external look in this early phase to help you define where to go and how to get there.

First, we set objectives.
Second, we define how to achieve them.
Then you may start running.

During the strategy phase, we may be looking at the following areas:

  • your objectives
  • your business model and business case
  • your value proposition
  • your competition and market
  • your target groups
  • your positioning
  • your key messages
  • your channels
  • your pricing
  • your client lifecycle